Kinsley Properties is a privately held real estate development and management company. The company develops new projects and acquires existing properties to hold long term in a real estate investment portfolio. The company develops and acquires real estate in partnership with others or to be wholly owned. The company is organized and staffed to complete the entire processes of development, acquisition, construction, leasing and asset management of the properties held in our portfolio. The company has 50 years of experience developing and managing a diverse portfolio of property types. Our purpose is to maximize the long-term investment returns to our partners and owners.

The Kinsley story started more than 60 years ago when Robert A. Kinsley started a building construction company. That company has grown to one of the largest contracting firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In the late 1970s, Bob Kinsley developed his first real estate projects focusing in the industrial and manufacturing markets with the industry knowledge from his construction company. Bob Kinsley founded his companies on a culture of integrity, entrepreneurship, aggressive goals and doing what you say with the purpose of creating long-term value for our clients.

Kinsley Properties was established in 1980 to focus specifically on real estate development, investment and ownership. Kinsley Properties continues to be managed by Kinsley family members with the same culture, vision and values Bob Kinsley instilled in the organization. We live the Kinsley culture in all we do and focus daily on providing quality real estate solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Kinsley Properties develops a range of property types, including planned office and business parks, industrial projects, residential subdivisions and individual properties in multiple markets within the Mid-Atlantic region.

Kinsley Properties Decades of Experience

Kinsley Properties has four decades of experience in the design, regulatory approval, financing, construction, leasing and long-term property management of its development projects.

Since inception, Kinsley Properties has successfully developed multiple master planned office and business/industrial parks, thousands of residential lots in planned communities, multi-family projects and more than 150 individual commercial buildings.

We have retained ownership of a vast majority of the properties we have developed, and as such, are experts in the creation of long-term value to our clients. Our projects continually increase in value because of our dedication to meeting our clients’ needs and maintaining our projects to the highest standards.

Our Development Approach

Our projects all begin with a detailed understanding of client needs and the requirement that all projects are designed to the highest quality for the lowest cost, long-term maintenance and the highest level of flexibility. The flexibility designed into our projects is a Kinsley Properties vision and strategy to serve our clients ever-changing needs.

Our success is only possible if our clients are successful. We value creating long-term relationships with our clients and make it a priority to provide, when needed, changes and flexibility in the properties they occupy to do all we can to add to their success.


We provide real estate solutions that create lasting relations and client success.


Be the most resourceful real estate expert in the mid-Atlantic.

Core Values

Our reputation is built on integrity.
We develop people.
We’re in it with you.
Shared success.
Always be responsible.

Leasing Team

Dan Hawks

Director of Leasing

Joe Caughy

Leasing and Marketing Associate


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