Assistant Property Service Manager

An Assistant Property Service Manager reports directly to the Property Service Manager and through the Vice President of Property Management. They will work closely with the Regional Property Managers and Property Maintenance Technicians on projects and tasks as assigned by the Property Service Manager. These tasks will include answering and directing customer service calls, helping with contract administration for service contracts and maintenance, yearly budget needs, archiving property maintenance information, coordination between subcontractors, tenants, and municipal authorities as needed to complete maintenance work, creation and assignment of billings, corporate communications, and miscellaneous tasks to allow for the everyday operations of the Property Maintenance Group. The position is a five-day-a-week job with a normal start time of 7:00 AM and end time of 4:00 PM each day. Some additional hours may be required depending on the nature of the project being completed. The position will work primarily out of the 2700 Water Street, York, PA, office of Kinsley Properties.

Who We Are:

Established in 1980, Kinsley Properties is part of the Kinsley family of companies serving 17 states and employing more than 3000 teammates. Uniquely positioned in the market to serve clients with specialized real estate needs, we are an organization led by a set of core values founded on integrity, empowerment, and accountability. With a long history of being an engaged member of our community, inclusive of annual giveback campaigns and encouragement of volunteerism, we are focused on creating a place for our employees to thrive through shared success.

Be part of a team that offers competitive benefits, opportunities and growth.

Key Accountabilities:

The below items are accountabilities an Assistant Property Service Manager will need to meet along with a weighted percentage to give an idea of how time is typically allocated to the position.

  1. Contract Administration and Billing: (30%)
  2. Office Management and Archiving: (30%)
  3. Client / Vendor Communication: (20%)
  4. Service Technician Management and Payroll Submission: (10%)

Contract Administration and Billing:

  • Help create and maintain a scope of services for each type of service or maintenance activity to be completed by an outside vendor so that competitive bids may be obtained for a given contract task.
  • Work with the Property Managers, Regional Property Managers, and Property Service Manager to negotiate, create, and maintain AIA contracts, service contract purchase orders, owner contracts, subcontracts, material purchase orders, contract change orders for the service, maintenance, and construction contracts on each given property.
  • Work with the Property Management Team to create a public access system like SharePoint for all contracts negotiated.
  • Work with the Property Management Team to ensure all contractors to Kinsley Realty Inc., Kinsley Properties have insurance with the required current coverages.
  • Review all incoming invoices and define the method of payment on the invoices to be either CAM, structural to the building owner, or a direct bill to tenants.
  • Review Kinsley Construction, Inc. generated billings to ensure they are assigned to the proper property jobs and cost centers.
  • Distribute approved bills to the proper Kinsley Properties accountants.
  • Work with the Kinsley Properties Accounting and the Property Management Team to research as needed billing responsibilities through the leases to define and code all bills for payment.
  • Setup Work Orders in the Kinsley Realty Inc. accounting program for separate billing of projects as needed. Add equipment, material, and other cost to these Work Orders, reconcile them, and prepare them for final billing.
  • Create invoices for direct bill client service work ordered by tenants directly through Kinsley Realty, Inc.
  • Check service and contract work against contract agreements on properties and projects to ensure accuracy of billing from outside vendors.

Office Management and Archiving:

  • Meet with the Vice President of Property Management on a weekly basis to discuss department needs and status of projects and the employees completing those tasks.
  • Complete clerical work as needed for the Kinsley Properties Maintenance and Construction groups.
  • Purchase needed office and building supplies along with tools and equipment for the Kinsley Properties group finding the best quality products for the lowest cost.
  • Gather information and submit reports to municipal entities for yearly requested items like trash exception reports, recycling reports, fire alarm registrations, 911 Center emergency contact sheets, and backflow prevention inspection reports. Archive these reports when completed.
  • Gather, distribute as needed, and archive fire alarm and sprinkler yearly reports.
  • Conduct scheduled updates of information on the company archiving site.
  • Help manage the Kinsley Realty Inc. key and access control systems.

Client / Vendor Communication:

  • Represent Kinsley Properties values of on time customer focused service to all clients and vendors.
  • Take in and log all Kinsley Properties service-related calls and email requests.
  • Respond to tenant needs and issues through a process of calling and or emailing tenants and communicating solutions until final notification is given of issue resolution to the tenant. This includes coordination of repair work within tenant spaces and complexes, scheduling associated with the work for technicians and contractors, and keeping all parties informed throughout the process until the work is completed.
  • Coordinate yearly inspections for tenant buildings for items like fire alarm and sprinkler test, insurance company site inspections, bank loan site inspections, site environmental inspections, and yearly building and site inspections conducted by Kinsley Realty, Inc.
  • Bring in the Property Management Team as needed on more complex issues to generate complete solutions to property maintenance issues.
  • Maintain a tenant contact list for all tenants and properties in conjunction with the Property Accountants and Property Management Team.

Service Technician Management and Payroll Submission:

  • Open tasks for the Kinsley Properties Maintenance Technicians on the Kinsley Properties tablet work order management system. Close out these jobs when the Kinsley Properties Maintenance Technicians’ work is completed.
  • Work with the Property Management team to create work schedules for the Property Management Technicians with the Property Service Manager being the primary service technician scheduler through the tablet work order system.
  • Ensure the Property Management Technicians have all the information they need to complete given jobs.
  • Review and make corrections as needed to all time sheets from landscape and maintenance field personnel in the Property Management Department and send finalized time into payroll on a weekly basis.
  • Get and file all inspection reports from the Property Maintenance Technicians so they are available for future needed maintenance work and reference.
  • Track on call persons so payroll can properly compensate the person for the weekly stipend and additional hours worked.

We look for These Competencies in an Assistant Property Service Manager

  • Conflict Management – steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities; reads situations quickly; good at focused listening; can hammer out tough agreements and settle disputes equitably; can find common ground and get cooperation with minimum noise.
  • Customer Service Focus – is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains strong effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  • Timely Decision Making – Makes decisions in a timely manner, sometimes with incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure.
  • Ethics and Values – Adheres to an appropriate (for the setting) and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good times and bad.
  • Functional/Technical Skills – Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
  • Negotiating – Can negotiate skillfully in tough situations with both internal and external groups; can settle differences with minimum noise; can win concessions without damaging relationships; can be both direct and forceful as well as diplomatic; gains trust quickly of other parties to the negotiations; has a good sense of timing.
  • Organizational Agility – knowledgeable about how organizations work; knows how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network; understands the origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, and procedures; understands the cultures of organizations, is held accountable to all members of the Kinsley Properties team and is respectful in all interactions with team members.
  • Planning – accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasks and projects; sets objectives and goals; breaks down work into the process steps; develops schedules and task/people assignments; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks; measures performance against goals; evaluates results.
  • Problem Solving – uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; probes all fruitful sources for answers; can see hidden problems; is excellent at honest analysis; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers.
  • Drive for Results – can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; is constantly and consistently one of the top performers; very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and others for results.
  • Reliable/Dependable – both customers and staff can expect a consistent level of performance and a desire to solve problems and follow up with solutions whenever called upon.
  • Trust/Honesty – carries on business in a way that all persons worked with cannot question their ethical stance. In all work and relationship interactions do what is right because it is the right thing to do.
  • Flexible – Be ready to move and change for the client to meet their needs as long as the solutions fall into the Kinsley Properties values, ethics, and mission. To serve the customer and their needs in the way they want them served.
  • Relationships Creating – create deep and meaningful relationships with customers, staff, and venders so that we understand each other’s needs and are better able to meet and exceed those needs. Create an environment where others do not hesitate asking questions because they know they will be answered quickly and correctly. At the end of it all, it is about the people.
  • Intentionality – have a defined purpose in all interactions by laying out clear expectations and then following through with everything promised. Set and work toward specific goals and communicate those goals to others so that they can help achieve those goals.

We Look for These Technical Skills in an Assistant Property Service Manager

  • Understanding of construction systems and materials and how to maintain them.
  • Understanding of project scheduling.
  • Billing and contract creation and management experience.
  • Customer service experience.
  • Utilize computer programs in the Microsoft Office Suite of computer programs.

We Look for This Level of Experience in an Assistant Property Service Manager

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent industry work experience.
  • Construction or maintenance industry experience.
  • Hands-on field experience in the commercial construction industry preferred.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send a copy of your Cover Letter and CV/Resume to


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