Civil Engineer / Development Manager

A Kinsley Civil Engineer / Development Manager (DM) works for the VP of Design & Construction (VPDC) and reports to the Senior Director of Development (SDD). The DM is responsible for the necessary entitlement process from conception & land acquisition through preconstruction and project closeout. Key accountabilities and responsibilities will be associated with Internal and External Communication, Design Management, Design Development, Documentation, Scheduling & Financial Control.

Who We Are

Established in 1980, Kinsley Properties is part of the Kinsley family of companies serving 17 states and employing more than 3000 teammates. Uniquely positioned in the market to serve clients with specialized real estate needs, we are an organization led by a set of core values founded on integrity, empowerment, and accountability. With a long history of being an engaged member of our community, inclusive of annual giveback campaigns and encouragement of volunteerism, we are focused on creating a place for our employees to thrive through shared success.

Be part of a team that offers competitive benefits, opportunities and growth.

Key Accountabilities

Our team strives for success through shared accountability in everything we do. The below items are responsibilities specific to the role of a Civil Engineer / Development Manager which are expected to be executed by the weighted percentages below to give an idea of how time is typically allocated to the position.

  1. Internal & External Communication (25%)
  2. Design Management (25%)
  3. Design Development (25%)
  4. Documentation (10%)
  5. Scheduling (10%)
  6. Financial Control (5%)

Internal & External Communication Tasks

  • Communicate with engineers
  • Communicate with contractors
  • Attend municipal meetings and meetings with other regulatory agencies as owner’s representative for the project.
  • Coordinate with team members for site utility connections.
  • Coordinate with Legal Department for Development and Storm water Management Agreements.
  • Coordinate the various sureties required for projects.
  • Coordinate the approval and design of Land Development and/or Subdivision phases of Kinsley Properties projects.
  • Coordinate final conversion of temporary storm water / erosion control measures to final storm water phase. Compile and submit Notice of Termination (NOT) for Post Construction Storm Water Management (PCSM) facilities. Create PCSM inspection forms and prepare turnover of PCSM materials to Property Maintenance Division for quarterly inspections. Consult (if required) with Property Maintenance group on inspections.
  • Solicit sub-consultant services for land development projects. Hire and manage sub consultants through the approval process.

Design Management Tasks

  • Procure & direct civil engineers & surveyors
  • Understand land development & zoning codes
  • Update Kinsley Property standards & specifications
  • Utilize Kinsley Property knowledge base to assist in design process
  • Represent Kinsley Properties at all municipal regulatory authority meetings

Design Development Tasks

  • Prepare CADD concept plans for potential land acquisitions and preliminary site layout plans as requested.
  • Provide feasibility, research and ordinance reviews for potential land acquisitions or development projects.
  • Provide cut-to-fill maps and 3D coordination plans for site balancing options.
  • Respond to requests from Director of Leasing on Land Use, site and zoning issues. Provide site concept plans as requested.
  • Provide limited project construction directives & guidance as required during the construction phase of the project. Resolve design issues that may arise during construction.

Documentation Tasks

  • Prepare and sign professional service agreements
  • Quality control
  • As built coordination
  • Maintaining LD approval records
  • Monitoring permit renewals
  • Cost history and archiving
  • Residential PCSM implementation & monitoring
  • Prepare and Provide PCSM documentation for residential lot settlements.
  • Coordinate individual PCSM as-builts and documentation for inclusion into NPDES Notice of Terminations. Maintain files and records for NPDES eventual terminations.
  • Coordinate PCSM NOT submissions.
  • Record approved plans and store in project file.

Scheduling Tasks

  • Review and approve design schedules
  • Coordinate and manage the approval schedules for property development.
  • Provide progress updates to master schedule
  • Identify possible schedule conflicts and provide solutions

Financial Control Tasks

  • Budget monitoring & cost control
  • Negotiate change order approvals and tracking for sub-consultants.
  • Review and approve sub-consultants’ invoices and manage budgets.

We Look for These Competencies in a Civil Engineer / Development Manager

  • Conflict Management -– Comfortable managing conflicts, sees challenges as opportunities; people person; focused listener; can navigate challenging agreements and settles disputes equitably; can find common ground and secure full cooperation to achieve shared success for both the Tenant and Kinsley Properties.
  • Customer Service Focus – Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; obtains first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with a customer-first mindset; establishes and maintains strong effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect through consistently responsible and responsive behavior.
  • Timely Decision Making – Makes decisions in a timely manner, appreciates the importance of fast decision-making, sometimes with incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure to achieve the best outcomes for both Kinsley Properties and the Tenant.
  • Ethics and Values – Consistently adheres to organizational core values even when challenged.
  • Functional/Technical Skills –High level of functional and technical knowledge and skills to perform the job in a superior manner.
  • Negotiating – Capable of skillful negotiation in tough situations with both internal and external groups; can settle differences with a shared success mindset; proven ability to resolve situations with a positive customer relationship outcome; can be both direct, assertive and diplomatic in negotiations; gains trust quickly of other parties; and has a proactive solid sense of the importance of speed and responsiveness.
  • Organizational Agility – Knowledgeable of organizational operations; knows how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network; appreciates the importance of key policies, practices, and procedures to ensure running the business effectively and efficiently; understands and values the importance of team culture; leads by example and treats all with respect; and holds yourself accountable to all members of the Kinsley Properties team.
  • Planning – Accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasks and projects; sets objectives and goals; breaks down work into manageable steps; develops schedules and task/assignments; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks; measures performance against goals; and evaluates results.
  • Problem Solving – Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; probes all opportunities for appropriate answers; proactive problem-solving; actively pursues the best solution, even when not easily identified.
  • Driven for Results – Can be counted upon to exceed goals successfully; proven ability as a consistent top performer; understands importance of profitability on a job; committed to the absolute best outcomes.
  • Reliable/Dependable – Committed to follow-through and doing what was promised.
  • Trust/Honesty – Committed to doing the right thing, always.
  • Flexible – Agile and helpful attitude; committed to being flexible under various circumstances to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Relationship Focused – Create customer and teammate loyalty through actions; focused on long-lasting relationship, trust and personal understanding.
  • Intentionality – Have a clear understanding of objectives with an ability to clearly convey the purpose of deliverables and actions.

We Look for These Technical Skills in a Civil Engineer / Development Manager

  • Advanced comprehension of Civil Drawings and specifications.
  • Advanced comprehension of construction systems & materials.
  • Utilize computer aided design software (CADD) – AutoCAD / Civil Design software
  • Microsoft Office including Word and Excel.

We Look for This Level of Experience in a Civil Engineer / Development Manager

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in civil engineering or construction management preferred but not required.
  • Hands-on field experience in the commercial construction industry preferred.
  • Project management experience on small to mid-size projects preferred but not required.
  • Previous experience in civil design and development preferred.

To apply for this position, please send a copy of your Cover Letter and CV/Resume to




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