Joseph Caughy (Leasing Team)

  • Mar 30, 2023 ago

As the Leasing and Marketing Associate, Joe is responsible for finding new tenants and developing them from prospects to long term tenants. Joe does this through effective marketing by targeting potential clients and conducting showings with those prospects to help them find a space that fits their needs. He also conducts market research for new projects to develop market prices and keep Kinsley Properties competitive in the current economy. As a former Project Manager, Joe has experience with developing project plans and coordinating efforts to ensure successful completion of projects that are on time and within budget. With 20 years of experience, Joe has real estate knowledge covering a wide range of disciplines, including project management, commercial underwriting, property management, acquisition, residential land development and entitlements. Joe joined the Kinsley Properties team in 2018 and received his Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute in November 2019. Joe received his MBA from Loyola College in 2002 while maintaining his Maryland Real Estate license within the same year.

Joseph Caughy

Leasing and Marketing Associate

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