Kinsley Properties’ Construction Services Group is equipped to take on both small and large construction/renovation projects.  We understand and have completed many plan spec jobs, but prefer to use a design build approach with our clients, which enables us to design, price, and plan a project in real time while allowing the ability to change directions quickly as the project develops and changes.  This leads to flexibility and a savings of time, which helps to keep project costs down.

All of this is accomplished by utilizing our in-house design group that can plan and help execute on a variety of projects.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Medical Office
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial / Flex Industrial
  • Office
  • Mercantile
  • Specialty Work to Include Historical Structures and Difficult Code Situations


Kinsley Properties’ in-house design group is part of the pre-construction team, which includes space planning resources, CAD space design and project elevations, code review and planning, along with construction estimate pricing.  The key to making a project work and keeping pricing down is to have a firm understanding of the building codes and municipal requirements.  Typically, the code has many options or paths to compliance. Understanding the cost and timing implications of each path allows a project to move more quickly and efficiently.  Also, having a firm code-based design early on in the project removes hidden cost surprises as the project develops lessening the need for costly and time-consuming redesign well into the project.  Once a project is approved, it is handed off to our in-house construction team to execute the planned project.

Our construction services group consists of project managers, field construction foreman, and leadman that will move your organization through all phases of the construction project.  Well-executed projects start with well-defined schedules based on an understanding of client expectations and material availabilities.  From permit submission to the start of the project, Kinsley Properties will keep all informed of progress and be ready to hit the ground running from the first day of construction.   We handle all municipal inspections and fulfill all regulations to get projects quickly through the regulatory process.  Our team works to keep projects on track, clients informed, and everyone ready to deal with changes and challenges that may arise in any project.  We strive to turn projects over to our clients complete and ready for them to use to meet the challenges of our current economic landscape.

The Kinsley Properties Construction Services Group has decades of industry experience that is applied to each project.  We are equipped to work in occupied spaces by coordinating schedules and phasing of projects to meet client needs, as well as vacant spaces.  Consideration to space movement for employees as well as keeping a clean and organized construction site are our top priorities.  We believe in spending time with clients to understand their individual needs and then translate those needs into properly designed spaces that help our clients achieve success in their individual businesses.

We strive to be a trusted partner with our clients, working closely with staff and managers to ensure success.  There is also a large and capable group of contractors and sub consultants that have performed countless projects with Kinsley Properties that are available to partner with us.  These groups are ready to give competitive pricing and execute a project tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Let us become a part of your company’s success by giving us the opportunity to work with you to help turn dreams into reality.

Contact:  Steven Rhoades


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